Friday, April 01, 2005

Outsourcing Parenthood

About a month ago I wrote a post about how parents are Outsourcing Parenthood. When I wrote that I did a google search on the term and its variations hoping to find some others who could support my argument. I came up with few matches except for those linking to sites such as Planned Parenthood. Not exactly helpful.

I did another google search today and came with many articles and sites who use the term.
Here are a few recent articles.

San Franciso Chronicle:
So we became the first generation of Americans to outsource the job, creating a booming new industry of educational therapists, college consultants, study-skills experts, college essay editors, nutritionists, personal trainers, social-skills instructors. We fear our children will fall behind and end up wearing a blue vest with a nametag for the rest of their lives and it will be our fault.
A cartoon about outsourcing parenthood. A picture is worth a thousand words.

She Knows the Web for Women:
As I look at this lovely woman and her beautiful newborn daughter, I wonder why so many of us parents have lost trust in ourselves and our own intuition. We tune out our baby's voice to better hear our own; then we muffle our own voices to better hear those of others. We need doctors, to be sure. But why do we need to outsource our parenting to them?
And from the print edition of the Wall Street Journal (article unavailable online) Hillary Stout wrote in "Family Matters" March 31: It has come to this: It is now possible to oursource most aspects of parenting.

I'm probably not the first to use the term Outsourcing Parenthood. But I hope to see it being used more and more in discussions of parenting and family life.

When I decided NOT to Outsource My Parenting.

Years ago, in my career days, I was in an airport waiting around because my plane was delayed a few hours. As I sat in the Las Vegas Airport I began to chat with the people around me. Most seemed like well-to-do retirerees. I asked a few of them if they could live their lives over again what would they do differently. Without hesitation most admitted that they would have had more children and spent more time with them. At the time I was engaged to be married. I knew then that in the latter years of my life I didn't want to be wealthy and still wanting something money could not buy. I decided that to the best of my abilities with the Lord and my husband that I would follow that advice.


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