Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I don't want to be a blog hog!

Notice if you came here from Molly's and are looking for the's next week. But don't be too hard on her she's pregnant. The good news is that you still have time to submit an entry!

If you announced the convention on your blog let me know! Send me a track back or an e-mail. I want to recognize you and publically thank you for your efforts. My husband calls blogging the mutual admiration society. And it partly is. Blogging works because we can all share what we are thinking about. So if you let me know about you I can let others know also. I have learned of many new blogs and will get to some housekeeping in the next few days. There are so many bloggers I want to add to my roll.

Also, make sure you check back there will be updates as this event takes shape. If you have no idea what I'm talking or had secret dreams of being a "featured speaker" at a homeschool convention click
here for details.

If all this convention talk is pooping you out you may want to
think twice before you head out for coffee at your local expensive coffee shop.

Here's a growing list of advertisers:
Mental Multivitamin
Looking Thru the Valley
Home Education Magazine Conference Blog
Linda's Homeschool Weblog
dbc tan
Stand Up and Walk
Micah Girl
My Three Pennies

Agent Tim
Spunky Jr
A Typical Life
Alice in Texas
Routon Family Homeschool
Guilt Free Homeschooling
Austin's Parenting with a Purpose
Homeschool Revolution
Classical Family
Homeschool Mom Tips
Jumping In
Faith and Learning

Distinctive Mom's
Poppins Classical Academy
Relaxed Homeschool
AHA Weblogs Blog
Pinnacles, Pitfalls, and Potty Chairs
Reflections of the Times
Jumping In
Palm Tree Pundit
Home Education & Other Stuff
More coming. And if I missed you don't be shy let me know. I'm trying to keep up as best I can.

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