Friday, April 29, 2005

Homeschoolers are odd (in modern history that is)

Conservative radio commentator Scott Thomas called homeschoolers odd. and not right for most. From another perspective, Mr. Kellmeyer has put together a thought provoking essay Abnormality, thy name is homeschool. on the history of education and the effect on the family. This gentlemen is right on the money. Please read the whole article. It is excellent.

The school system is so effective at passing on knowledge and forming young minds that this entire history is lost to most of the Americans who pass through its gates. We no longer remember how or why today's school system came to be what it is. The modern college student is radically less well-read and radically less moral than the average twelve-year old was in colonial America.

So, yes, homeschooling does seem a little odd to many. It seems unnecessary, not a good fit for most families. And in a certain sense, that assessment is correct. Homeschooling is not a good fit for the modern family, if only because the family has, in modern times, ceased to exist. Family cohesion has been obliterated by the mass school.Our society requires massive consumption. Needy, ignorant people consume more goods and services than educated, emotionally stable people do. The quickest way to create needy people is to obliterate the family. The quickest way to create ignorant people is to divorce them from their parents. The mass school is an excellent exercise in creating a market for your goods, whatever they might be. Unfortunately, what counts as goods for the market does not count as goods for the family.

We do Civil War Living History Presentations. As part of our first person impression my children and I demonstrate the one room school house from the 1860's. What the children learned in years past is considerably different than today. Consider this small passage which my children recite on obedience. I posted it here. That is a far cry from what is being taught today. Knowledge is learning facts, wisdom is knowing how to apply the facts biblically with a heart of reverence for the Lord. Modern society wants to us to think of ourselves as independent people but God created the family as the unit to build a church and the nations. Schools seek to break that down and put what is best for the individual above what is best for the family. Thank you Mr. Kellmeyer for putting together a well thought out essay on the history of education and what it has done to the family.

Things are happening so fast around here I haven't had time to check out other bloggers much but I did manage to get over to La Shawn Barber's and tell her about the Online Homeschool Convention. She asked about what was going on in the blogosphere and so I invited her over. I hope she comes for a visit and if she brought a few friends that would be fine. Most of the children are gone today and I have plenty of time to spend with "company". She is a favorite blogger of mine and if you haven't had the time to acquaint yourself what are you waiting for? Get over there. See ya later!

Spunky Jr. is updating my site with all the new bloggers from the convention. I was trying to think of a way to organize them and I decided by state. Even though the blogosphere is without boundaries it is still nice to know who is blogging in your neighborhood. So if you would like to be added to my blogroll let me by commenting here or sending me an e-mail. (Those that submitted a convention post don't have to bother you will be added automatically. If your blog doesn't appear right away please be patient this could take a few days!)


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