Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Carnivals and Spring time

It's carnival time once again.

Edwonk does such a fine job every week of putting together the carnival make sure that you stop over and see who's blogging.

This week's Christian Carnival is hosted by
Proverbs Daily. Make sure you take a peek around his site while you're there it's an awesome site. I love the book of Proverbs and Jeff does a great job of commenting on them.

If after all that your still looking for more to read check out a few of my favorite sites:

Anne at Palm Tree Pundit, Molly at My Three Pennies Worth, and a new blogger I just added Kristen, at Walking Circumspectly Kristen makes me think back to how I probably wasted my days before children and how much wiser she is than I ever was and probably ever will be. Also, if you wouldn't mind taking a minute to encourage Jackie over at, Mom of Seven she's had a daughter in the hospital with pneumonia and could use a note or two.

As for me, the spring weather has been totally awesome I'll be outdoors basking in the long awaited sunshine. The temperatures have been near 70 and it's hard to be indoors.

Also, my comments are acting up again. If you have posted a comment and it doesn't show up let me know. This has happened a few times and unfortunately you get what you pay for. And since I pay nothing for Haloscan I am grateful for the little they so generously give me.


Okay my blogging buddies Adrenalin and Spunky Jr. are upset that I didn't mention them as one of my favorite sites. So there I mentioned you now get back to work!

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