Saturday, April 02, 2005

Answers to the comments people make

About our family size

You have your hands full.
No just one hand (with 5 fingers held high) I'm working on the second hand (lifting one finger on the other hand.)

Don't you know what causes this?
No, please explain it to me.

I can't afford to have that many children.
I can't afford not to.

Are you done yet?
Done with what?

About Home Educating

What do you have to do to homeschool?
Have a baby.

Do you make your kids take tests?
Only if they have strep.

In the grocery store, someone said "No school today?"
Yes, school's in session and you're their teacher, so look smart.

Why do you homeschool?
Because I don't want my life centered around my children's education.
Huh? how's that again.

And my personal favorites come from my son
Do you ever want to go to public school?
No they don't have a refridgerator.

No school today?
School is life and life is school you never stop learning.


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