Thursday, March 24, 2005

Why I started this blog

About three months ago, I was sitting around with nothing to do. My house was clean, my children were peacefully doing their calculus and the baby was practicing a Brahm's lullaby on the piano. The laundry was caught up and dinner was simmering in the crock pot.

Feeling totally useless I said to no one in particular, "Does any one really need me anymore?"

They all looked up at once and recited in unison "the blogosphere needs you mom". Grateful for their suggestion and feeling needed once again, SpunkyHomeSchool was born.

Life feels normal once again. The house is a disaster, the children are in remedial studies, and dinner is still at the grocery store. But my sitemeter is averaging almost 100 hits a day! Doesn't that count for something? Okay, my son just reminded me that Hugh Hewitt gets that many in about 2 minutes. Oh well, the feeling of was great while it lasted.

But f I can use my sphere of influence to challenge others to think about:

......... what they are doing
......... why they are doing it and
..........who they are doing it all for

then SpunkyHomeschool will be a success no matter what the site meter reads.

But that doesn't mean I still won't peek occassionally. It's one of the few personal measurements I can get excited about when it actually goes up.


1 comment:

W and J said...

I discovered you from Sarah Mae's notion of living books and have just spent the better hours of the evening reading your blog. Simply put: refreshing and amazing!! Thank you for all your insight and wisdom as well as thought-provoking articles.

I have three wee ones {oldest is 3.5} that I am called to homeschool and train. And even though I haven't really started, I feel overwhelmed at the task. But I am resolved not to outsource my parenting. :)