Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Why didn't someone think of this sooner?

Edwonk highlights an "unusual" idea for education in Michigan.

Carman Park Elementary School may soon be a grade-free school. Students would learn based on ability level, regardless of age. If a fourth-grader is ready for algebra, he or she would be grouped with children of varying ages studying algebra. Teachers would no longer teach the same lesson to 25 students. Instead, educators would visit groups of five to seven students for instruction. The concept - called nongraded or multi-age education - isn't new, but it's unusual for a school district to eliminate grades.(snip)

Right now, we have a mass production system of education," Behm said. "We need a system that individualizes and is customizable."

So putting their ideas with those of the Denver school district I guess a homeschooler is a subsitute teacher who acts as a guide in a nongraded or multi-age system that individualizes and customizes the children's education.

And I used to think that I was just a mom.


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