Tuesday, March 29, 2005

What's your agenda?

Over at MSNBC they are priding themselves on their ability to stay above the fray free from pandering to the agendas of various groups.

While other shows may be catering to zealots and activists who have latched onto this issue just to further an agenda on one side or the other, today on Connected we are going to offer pure information, free of elected officials and family bickering.

A panel of some of the finest doctors and ethicists in the country will assemble for the hour to answer the fundamental questions at the core of this drama: How is brain death defined? Is it
possible to recover from a persistent vegetative state? And, most importantly, if a person is doomed to remain on a feeding tube for the remainder of her days, does that constitute xtraordinary care?

So here you have it. Politicians and family members have agendas but the doctors and ethicists don't? Can you see where this is headed? We are too partisan or too stupid to make decisions for ourselves we need the "unbiased wisdom" of doctors and ethicists. But what is their standard based on? Wisdom Matters.


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