Monday, March 28, 2005

What the media has wrought

Michael Spencer has a great essay how the media impacts what we think about. Here's a peek.

Somewhere, someone is planning what we should care about next. Pundits, reporters, talk show personalities, activists: they all have a plan for what we need to care about. Millions of us listen every day, and our thoughts and emotions are driven by things that are real, but are far from us. Meanwhile, all around us, we lose track of the hurts and lives of real people that matter to
Jesus. I've addressed this before as it related to our spiritual focus, but now is a good time to ask the question: What will we care about next, and why?
We do not watch any TV and have not for the past nineteen years. That may sound radical but it isn't really. Sure content was a part of the reason but mainly it was because we found out exactly what you Michael Spencer did. They were telling us what to think about and what to think about it. We didn't want others to have that much influence over our thoughts.

One minute you hear about a murder on the news and the next minute your told about an NBA playoff score. Your mind tends to process both as equally important and slowly you become desensitized to the significance of one over the other. Moreover, over time the terms of the debate are framed using their definitions rather than a biblical one. Death is no longer the absence of any life it reclassified based on what functions are available. "Brain Dead", PVS, or other such things. Slowly, these definitions creep into the Christian vocabulary and the biblical standard is weakened. We have let others define the debate and we merely respond (using their terminology). That is a defensive strategy and usually not a winning won.

Turn of the TV and turn to the Word of God. Let God orient you thinking and your actions. If you think this can't be done in your family your wrong. We have 6 children and we haven't missed it at all. To find out how what we do click here.


(Hat tip: Proverbial wife)

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