Monday, March 07, 2005

Simply Beautiful

Marla at Proverbial Mom provides a fresh and beautiful perspective of life that only a new mom could write so beautifully,

Fresh from the Mind of God
When I look at her and touch her and smell her, I breathe His presence, so sweet and subtle. She began as His thought, conceived in perfect love and painstakingly let go into a fallen world. In her purity, I find traces of Eden, of humanity as God intended, but her fragility reminds me of how easily we were, are, broken.

Yet the Creator goes on creating, knowing some will seek Him out to find wholeness, while most will be in eternal bondage to the original sin of pride, bandaging themselves and hobbling along until their days are finally, mercifully, ended. They will have exchanged the intangible truth for the material lie, transcendance for mere existence, and a relationship with the One who thought them into being for the meaningless companionship of self.

Oh, little one, so fresh from the mind of God, the most untainted of His creation, yet already flawed by your very nature, you are a precious glimpse into the divine. To have carried you inside my body, to nourish you now from my flesh--such is the design of the nurturing Father who made you--I am blessed beyond my own understanding. May you always see Him as clearly as I see Him in you.

Thanks Marla, for reminding us all how very precious life is.


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