Tuesday, March 15, 2005

PJ's in school

I thought I was being sarcastic when I suggested this
Let's just make the school a "mega mall" of parenting. Now, that I think of it wouldn't it just be easier to put in dorms and feed the kids there and let the parents check them out occassionally like a library book? This way they can ensure that their recommendations are followed. And they can charge a fine to the parent if the child comes back damaged! I better stop before someone takes this seriously.
But according to the San Francisco Chronicle the girls are all ready cozy to the idea.
IS NAPTIME beckoning? Is there a futon in every high-school classroom for dozing? These questions come to mind because several million teenage girls wear pajama pants to school every day.
Seems like the next logical thing would be to just bring in the beds too! After all the girls are learning what to do with a cucumber why not just let them practice in the privacy of the schoolroom? I better stop, I'm starting to blush.


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