Monday, March 14, 2005

Passing On Our Values

Anne, at Palm Tree Pundit has a excellent perspective on How to Pass On Our Faith and Values to Our Children. She writes,
Having been raised by Christian parents, I have often thought about how my parents passed on their faith and values to me without alienating me or causing me to rebel, as is often the worry of parents. The conventional "wisdom" (which isn't so wise in my view) often says that if you protect your children, they will naturally rebel and find their own way. Also, many parents believe that you should expose children to a wide range of teachings and let the child decide which way to go. I disagree with both of those views.
Please read the whole post it is very encouraging and helpful.

If you would like to pass your views to me on this topic I would be glad to link to you as well. For more details click here to find out why I am interested.


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