Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Having trouble getting your child to obey. Have him memorize what they youngsters in the 1800's had to learn.
Next to your duty to God, is your duty to your parents. He has made them your guides, because they are wiser than you and love you better than any other earthly friends. You cannot always understand the reasons for their commands. It is not necessary that you should. If you live to be as old as they are you will perceive that their restrains were for your good.

When your parents are absent observe their commands with the same fidelity as if they were present. The child who obeys only when under the eye of a superior, has not learned obedience. He, who seeth at all times, and in every place, is displeased with those who deceive their parents. He hath promised to reward those who "honor their father and mother".

By faithfully discharging your first and earliest obligations, you will be prepared to act well your part in future life. You will maintain good order in your families, and honor just government in the land. And if you live to be old, and have only a few gray hairs where your bright locks now grow, you will deserve from the young the same cheerful obedience and grateful respect which you have yourself shown to your superiors.
My children have all memorized this as part of our one room school house living history presentations.


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