Friday, March 18, 2005

March Madness

So what's it really been like at my house? Here is a Breakdown.

Bowls. Most everyone has had the stomach flu. My one year old, Elaina, now thinks every bowl is used to catch the insides of someone's stomach. Yuck!

Basketball. My husband and children are heavily into basketball. This is a major event in our home. I don't understand the game and don't care to comprehend the madness either. I made my picks using the alphabet rule. Which ever team comes first in the alphabet was the team I selected. My son over ruled me on a few because he said that rule was just plain stupid. So far, I'm not doing too bad.

Blogging. I have only been doing this for three months and love that fact that I can talk even when no one is listening. It reminds me of what I do most of the time around my house any way.

Blogging Again? I know my kids say the same thing. We all share one computer that is occupied most of the time by my husband for his business. I sneak a post in while he eats, runs errands, or I bug him hard enough. March madness has given me more time for blogging. If you like this blog pray for lots of overtime games or another computer.
While you're at it could you pray for WIFI too!

Broke. Did I ever mention that my husband's office is in our bedroom? Thankfully, I can sleep thru faxes, phones, and printers pretty well. With the price of gas at $2.20 a gallon his short commute saves us alot of money. But as anyone who has started a business knows money is in short supply.

Behind. We are hopelessly behind on laundry. Mostly because of the "bowl thing" but also because it has hit 40 degrees this week. Which meant everyone went into the storage boxes looking for summer clothes. Our basement now looks like a tsumani relief collection agency.

Books. Schooling, oh yes, that. It will all be done by June...I promise. Jackie you will hold me accountable right!

Bible. We are reading thru both the old and new testament at the same time a few chapters a night. We just started Esther and are also in the middle of 2 Corinthians. This is the second time thru the new testament.

Blessed. Not quite the homeschool house you might expect. But I love what I do (being mom) and I love who I do it with (my family) and more importantly I love who I do it all for (Jesus).


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