Thursday, March 24, 2005

A little too close to home

Thank God that this young man was apprehended before he could hurt someone. The sad part is that the first name on his hit list was his mother.

On Wednesday, prosecutors charged a 14-year-old Holly High School student with threatening terrorism, saying he had compiled a "kill list" of 12 people that started with his mother and ended with several classmates.
It's odd is that the police waited nearly a week before they acted on the information. What's even more disturbing is what his mother said to the Juvenile Court referee Scott Hamilton,

"I'd like my son to come home," she told Hamilton. "His behavior has been good. I haven't had any problems with him and I don't know of any reason he needs to be here (Children's Village)."
She doesn't think that the idea that her son wants to kill her is a problem? That's very strange.

As a side note: the town of Holly is about an hour from my home.


(Here's my thoughts on What Can Be Done To Prevent This?)

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