Tuesday, March 15, 2005

An Encouraging Trend

This is from an article in the Cincinati Equirer about blacks and home education.
Home schooling is no longer just the domain of white, religious conservatives or anti-establishment free-thinkers. It's become a civil rights movement for black parents trying to take back their children's education, said Joyce Burges, the group's founder.
"We're on the cutting edge of a powerful, powerful movement," she said. "
Within five years there's going to be an explosion ... of parent-directed learning "
We have a family friend who has 7 children and homeschools in Detroit. They are an inspiration to many of what can be done when parents are dedicated to the Lord and the training of their children. The enthusiasm of parents who finally realize that they don't have to put up with mediocrity and that they are in charge of their children's education is exciting and contagious.

The question remains, "Are the schools ready to give up the children and the money they represent?


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