Saturday, March 26, 2005

A culture of starving people

My Three Cents Worth has a nice little round up of what the culture war is really about.

After the depressing news about Terri all week and you are left wondering where our country is headed check out these sites. SpunkyJr. Agent Tim Voice in the Wilderness Boy Scout Blogger It will give you a little bit of hope that there are those in the next generation who are grappling with this issue and seeking truth. I especially liked this post by Blogging Teen called Spiritual Starvation. While most children think starving means just missing lunch this teen sees hunger in a whole different way.
In fact, this kind of starvation often occurs gradually, going unnoticed by the victim. More often than not, it is a result of a busy life. I am talking about those days where your worries and jobs at hand seem to push Christ out of your schedule. That leather Bible that you once gladly read, is sitting on a high shelf, gathering dust. It is neglected and forgotten along with your Savior.
"I have no greater joy than my children walk in truth." III John 3


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