Friday, March 04, 2005

Comments on a Better Public Education

I apprecitated the comments from my last post Better Public Education. The dilemma is that as a society we may agree that education is necessary and vital but what constitutes a good education is a variable. It is that variable that causes so many problems in our "public" schools. Parents are also the final arbiters of this variable. An attentive parent will expect results in their children and the schools.

An apapthetic parent is a problem. The children suffer, the school suffers, and eventually society will suffer for their lack of attention.

Jeff Kezeel commented "that you are not going to have 100% involvement of parents." That is true. Unfortunately, our educational structure allows parents to slide in their personal responsibility. We tax all for the benefit of some. There are those who will take advantage of this. That's the trade of to the system we have created. Any attempt to forge a contract is meaningless because there is no ability to enforce the agreement by either party or ability to back out of the agreement if it fails.

Mr Kezeel also asks, "Why is educational failure thrown back on parents? They have our kids seven hours a day, five days a week. But somehow it is the parent's fault that they aren't getting educated. " The teachers, however, are asking a much different question. Over at Jenny D she asked "Are teachers responsible for student learning?" Seems as though we all have a bad case of lack of responsibility.

Ultimately, it is the parents who are responsible. Mr. Rogers of FreedomBlogger, correctly noted in his comments that the teachers hands are tied. They just have to put up with the disruptive children. That is a flaw that is built into the system. Until parents and teachers get tired of the disruptions and mediocrity they will endure the poor quality of the education for the convenience of not having to take personal responsibility.

Thankfully, there is a larger and larger group of parents who are saying enough. That's why homeschooling is becoming so popular. Mr. Kezeel comments, "I've heard all the horror stories of how terrible public school education is. And there are days I am desperate to just pull my kids out and home-school them. " For some of us that day is already here.


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