Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Civil War Commentary

I will be spending the day with a friend while her son has surgery. So in my place let me direct you to some past commentaries by my husband Civil War Dad.

These are some of my favorites with excerpts.

They Didn't Have TV during the Civil War
I would like to ask the Christian viewing public, particularly the men, this one question about their TV habits: Can you justify your consumption of this entertainment (even the clean stuff) by standing before God and explaining to Him that you, in fact, have been reading your Bible, meditating on Scripture, memorizing Scripture, and praying as much as is possible -- that you have devoted more than enough time to your family, to serving in your church or community -- that you have been over-exerting yourself to win the lost?

If you can't answer "yes," then you have no business being in front of the tube. I'll bet more Christians can recall specific lines from long-ago sitcoms better than they can recall Bible verses
He died for a flag?"
For a flag? He died to save a piece of cloth that could easily be replaced?" It was not a disrespectful thought but more of a practical one. A flag can be replaced but not a man, especially a high-caliber officer. As I pondered such sacrifice, I came to understand what that flag represented to those men. It represented all the ideals and principles that our country was founded upon, all that it had ever achieved, and the hopes and dreams of generations to come. I came to have a new appreciation of our flag and the sacrifice of those who defended her.
When Ladies were ladies.
Ladies, don't let yourself fall into the seductive trap of the world and its supposed glamour. Don't subject yourself to the humiliation of the world's value system that says your body is of more value than your soul. Uphold your dignity and honor in modest dress. You are chosen daughters of the Most High!

It's time once again to let the ladies be ladies.
I hope you enjoy his writing as much as I do. I am blessed I think you will be also.


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