Monday, March 14, 2005

Can Johnny Run?

They do such a great job on the Three R's that New York Schools have decided to add a fourth running.
By next year, parents in half of the city's elementary schools will be getting fitness report cards for students that list weight and athletic ability. "Parents need to know their kids' fitness levels so they can make changes," said Lori Benson, the Education Department's newly appointed fitness director. The evaluations, known as fitnessgrams, are based on an exam that will have kids stretching, jogging, counting situps and being weighed. Instead of grades, students will receive a two-page printout with bar charts that show if they are in the "healthy fitness zone," and note any progress they have made on each exercise since the last evaluation. The reports will list personalized recommendations, such as "you should also eat a healthy diet including more fruits and vegetables."
Since when did the schools get the authority to take on this responsibility?

Since the parents began Outsourcing Parenthood. It's just one less thing for the parent to think about. Maybe the school ought to hire parenting coaches for a complete package!

Let's just make the school a "mega mall" of parenting. Now, that I think of it wouldn't it just be easier to put in dorms and feed the kids there and let the parents check them out occassionally like a library book? This way they can ensure that their recommendations are followed. And they can charge a fine to the parent if the child comes back damaged! I better stop before someone takes this seriously.


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