Tuesday, February 01, 2005


PalmTree Pundit has a great piece on mommy bloggers. She states,

"Hearing other moms in similar situations dealing with similar parenting issues also gives us a sense of community. We're not in this alone, and we're not the first to experience these issues! I think, if anything, that keeps us from focusing inward so much, and to realize that others have gone before us and will go behind us. And whenever I read a blog written by a godly woman, I can gain wisdom from her and her experiences with bringing up her children."

This is the reason I started the blog for homeschool moms. We need the wisdom and encouragement of one another. While I am not as experienced as Ann, I hope that my own experiences will help other moms continue to press on and raise their children in the Lord. Especially in a world where being a stay at home mom is not always popular and homeschooling even less so.

If there are any other Christian homeschoolers who want to start a blog, let me know I'd gladly link to it.


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Anne said...

Yikes! You're not "as experienced" as I am??? ;-) I'm just learning all this mom stuff on the job as I go, just praying that my children will turn out well in spite of me!
And I've benefitted greatly from your ART of homeschooling series. You are one of the godly women I had in mind when I wrote my original post!