Friday, February 18, 2005

Mommy Madness

Palm Tree Pundit spotlighted an interesting set of articles by Newsweek titled Mommy Madness and the Slacker Mom. I have finally gotten around to reading the articles (too long and tedious for my taste) but there are some parallels to homeschooling moms.
The problem, as Mead-Ferro sees it, is that too many well-heeled, well-educated and otherwise sensible women are driving themselves and each other crazy. After years of competing in the work force, they’re mistakenly bringing the same zeal to child rearing and housekeeping as they did to their jobs. Domestic standards popularized by women’s magazines and Madison Avenue, she argues, have gotten too high.”
I was one of those well-heeled, well-educated and otherwise sensible women that the article was talking about but for me it was not domestic standards (just ask my husband) but academic standards that propelled me forward. My career ambitions were replaced with academic ambitions for my children. The standard was set long before I had children and I just absorbed it as what a homeschooler should do. It's not that the standard is too high it just wasn't the standard that I am supposed to meet. I am all for academic excellence and my children are doing well but the standard is not whether or not they master Calculus at age 10 or get into Harvard at 16.

I am called to make disciples of my children. That is the standard by which my school is measured. If my children are not faithfully walking with God when they leave our care then I will have failed in my duties as a parent. All other academic achievements will be for naught. Harvard would be nice but heaven is where I am aiming.


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barbara curtis said...

Hi Spunky --
i think you might like my take on the Mommy Madness article at
"The Sound of Women Whining" and
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Also some other encouragement and practical help i have there for mommies.