Monday, February 07, 2005

Homeschooling Thoughts for the day

Homeschooling is rigorous and exhausting. I had to laugh one time when my son, Jason, was younger he said to me,

"Mom, it's a good thing you homeschool...who else would you get to help clean up all these messes." The joy of innocence.

That was a few years and many messes ago. As my children have gotten older the messes around the house have become somewhat less frequent but what was once physical exhaustion has been replaced with a fair amount of emotional exhaustion.

I am watching my boys make the awkward transition from boys to men and my daughter mature to a beautiful young lady. Just yesterday Jason said, "Mom, I think I know why teen boys rebel...they are desperately trying to become men while their mom's still want to have their little boys." I smiled and got a tear at the same time.

This was very insightful and very accurate. I have fond memories of a young boy cuddling up for a story or song. A part of me does not want to let go of that time. He now has the stature of a young man and is frequently reminding me how short I am. He has already let go and moved on. I must do the same.

Every parent loves the excitement of a child's first step. Our Elaina was cheered on as she recently learned how to walk. But Scripture says "I have no greater joy than my children walk in truth." As my older children are taking strides into adulthood I can truly say that a child who is walking in truth is alot more exciting.


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