Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Homeschoolers and school sports

Daryl at Home Education has an interesting discussion going about whether homeschoolers should be included in public school sports. Read his argument and then read the comments from others.

We don't participate in team sports of any kind. For us this was a family decision based on what would be in the best interest of the whole family. With six children, team sports require more time and attention given to one child at the expense of what is best for the family. For example, if there is a practice/game on a night that is not best for the family we would be compelled to allow the child to participate "for the good of the team". But this would be at the expense of the "good of the family". That's a sacrifice we aren't willing to make on a consistent basis. This is a personal decision for us based on the goals and priorities we have set out for our family and I realize that for other homeschool families the goals and priorities are different.

Getting back to the original article. Mainly, this is about money. If the school district allows children to participate in sports who are homeschooled they will lose students not gain them. Many parents tolerate the education for the extra curricular opportunities. Sad but true. If they can have them both many will take advantage. Thus, the schools lose enrollment which is a loss of dollars. Remember, individual educators care about the children but the system is geared to perpetuate the system. As my dear dad always says, "Follow the money."


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