Friday, February 11, 2005

Homeschool Father answers the question

A homeschool father is running for the position of local school superintendant in Oregon. Some have questioned whether he is qualified to lead because he homeschools. Here is his full answer.

I especially liked this part,
I firmly believe that parents are ultimately responsible for raising their children to adulthood. This includes responsibility for the training and preparation of their children for adult responsibilities.

Maybe if this father fails in his bid for superintendant we can convince him to move to Michigan and run for Governor.



John said...

Only in Oregon. Even the homeschoolers are messed up there. I am pleased that he wants to be involved in the public forum and run for office. The obvious viewpoint is "what does he know about public schools?" He has a hard sell. I know that God is bigger than any state or electorate, but my faith would not be that big. His chances would be better if he had anchored himself within the community - board activity and such, before embarking on this type of action. Even as I write, I remember that over three-quarters of public school teachers do not have their children in public schools. But alas... there is a double standard here. Only the liberal mind can have it both ways.

This will be interesting to follow.

John said...
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EdWonk said...

I happened upon your site and enjoy reading your perspectives. You have accepted quite a challenge with the homeschooling of SIX kids.