Friday, February 11, 2005

Gov. Granholm addresses education

I didn't hear her state of the state speech but I read the whole thing. You can also here.

My ears always perk up when she begins to talk about education. Here is what she said.

First, we must focus on educating new parents – before their baby is born, in the maternity ward, at check-ups and later at home. No one wants to be a bad parent, but not everyone understands what it takes to be a good one, particularly when it comes to stimulating and nurturing the supple minds of young children.
Wait a minute, Ms. Granholm, if we are to focus on educating new parents before their baby is born then how can you support abortion. You can't support a parent if there is no baby. Furthermore, what is Ms. Granholm's definition of a good parent anyway? In a recent personal interview with the Granholm's their answer to quality time is this
For example, when their children were in child care, the couple built in together-time by having one parent drop off children and the other pick them up at the end of the day.
I am not accusing the Governor of bad parenting but I don't call picking a child up from day care as together time either. To be fair she did also say that she and her husband are home between 6 - 9PM in the evening. I'm glad to hear it, so who was it then that gave the speech that evening?

Getting back to the address Gov. Granholm continues,

As I submit my budget, I will ask all 57 of these county-wide and multi-county districts to re-define their mission: to recognize that education begins at age zero; to find ways to educate parents; and to make sure our young children are read to for a half-hour each day.

Just when is age zero? I have asked the Governor's aides this question and they have yet to give an answer. Also, where is the Governor getting the authority to make sure that young children are read to. I am all for reading but is it the state's place to make sure that I am? How will they know? What is the penalty if I don't?

When I asked the Governors former policy advisor on education this question he stated that intermediate school districts will begin to use hospital birth registries to identify new parents and make sure they know what they are to do with their children.

Clearly, Ms. Granholm would like to extend the boundaries of state government further and further in our lives. Thankfully, she is probably not likely to get much of what she is proposing. My worry is that the legislature will give her atleast some of it in an effort to seem bipartisan. Hopefully not.


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