Friday, February 04, 2005

Getting past homeschool burnout

Okay, it's February and the skies are gray and so is your mood (unless you live where PalmTreePundit lives!). The children are a little restless and that burst of enthusiasm that you had when the school year began has evaporated. You see all the danger signs ahead of a coming nuclear meltdown. What do you do?


I mean actually do nothing. Just stop for a little while. Take a homeschool vacation without getting on a plane. This is not an easy thing to do but will make all the difference in your household.

A vacation can mean no TV, no computer, no phone, and no getting in the car even. You just sit around and play games, read a book together, or take an afternoon nap. Just like you would on a regular vacation only this is in your house. Order out for dinner and use paper plates to make it less stressful. Use this time to spend extra time with the Lord and with each other. If you husband still has to work bring him in on the fun when he gets home. The vacation doesn't have to last a whole week but if you can stretch it out that far go ahead.

You may begin to realize that your home has become paradise once again and there isn't any other place you'd rather be.



Anne said...

Actually, it's been rainy and gloomy all week here. It's even been cold enough for jeans and sweaters!

I totally agree about taking a break! Doing that when you need it is one of the many beauties of homeschooling!

Anselm said...

Hey, nice site. I admire your homeschooling. You're doing a good thing; keep the flame burning.