Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Gasp! She has to help with homework!

Read about one mother's terrible fate in life,

Some say the arrival of their children after school can be overwhelming. The euphoria, the excitement, the sheer volume, why, it’s enough to make some mothers jump right out of their ankle socks. It’s like standing in a tub of water and having someone drop in an electrical appliance.

It can certainly give one a heck of a jolt.

Just yesterday, despite the fact that I was 3 feet in front of one of the little dears, he repeatedly shouted at the top of his lungs, “I’m home!” Some say the arrival of their children after school can be overwhelming.

Good grief! Her children aren't even in the door and she's complaining of torture. But wait it get's worse,
Yet I’m actually more overwhelmed by the homework. The late nights, the last-minute projects. In fact I’m still trying to recover from the bad grade I got on my son’s English paper in 1999. I’ve completed my education and obtained all the wisdom I need to get through the average day. Although I’m no guru, I know most of my states and capitals, can readily explain the difference between a noun and a verb, and can calculate the exact amount of cream it takes to soften my corns. Still I have to be the tutor for history, the flash-card queen of reading, and the mentor for photosynthesis. Why, I’ve even been known to do a math problem or two.
So what did the teacher do all day? Seriously, I'll bet if she lobbied her legislature hard enough she could probably find funding for a night teacher. After all why should she be responsible for her son's homework?!?


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