Saturday, January 22, 2005

Our Schedule

People have often asked what our day is like. So here goes.

Dad wakes everyone up at around 6AM. We do bible reading individually and then read a chapter from the book of Proverbs.

After that it is showers, breakfast, and on to the rest of our day.

The children have weekly assignment charts that they follow. They usually do reading, math, and writing in the morning. I am available to help with these assignments and also play with Elaina (our one year old). But that only works if it is Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. On Tuesdays I take the boys to a Sr. Citizen wood carving club. We are the only youngsters there and it is alot of fun. On Thursdays it is piano lessons.

In the afternoon, we do family reading and discussions. We are currently reading the Young Tom Edison and The Fallacy Detective. Along with this there is also a discussion of what everyone is reading on their own. But if it's Wednesday we all go to the ice rink and skate for a few hours. And if it's Friday it is time for Homeschool Band (for the older 5 and a nap for Elaina and mommy).

We use a literature based approach to homeschooling (Sonlight). The children seem to enjoy the variety of literature and I read them too! This seems to work well for us.

Along with the life of school there is also our home life mixed in. Between critical thinking there is usually a boat load of critical folding. We assign chores as needed using a card system and a bulletin board.

My husband works from home as a financial planner. See for details and a family photo.

In our spare time, we do Civil War Re-enacting. see for details and another family photo.

When we are not schooling, reenacting, or folding laundry, we are usually sleeping.

Grace and Peace,

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