Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A is for Attitude (Part 2 Jealousy)

Jealousy is not as easy to identify as bitterness as a contentment robber. But it can bring a homeschool mom to tears in no time at all.

A homeschool magazine arrives in the mail (inevitably on the worst day of the year) and you see a smiling family with a dozen children all playing the violin. Immediately, anxiety sets in as you look around and see your family still dressed in their PJ's playing spoons on each others head! You may not exactly be jealous of that family but you sure feel alone in your "obvious" failure.

Comparing one homeschool family to another can be dangerous. When we start to put pressure on ourselves to comform to this image we fall into a trap. If not quickly dealt with, it could derail our whole home life and cause us to make unwise choices. Usually the inevitable result is the children go back to another school situation because we think we aren't doing enough.

This is a life time journey. A marathon, if you will, not a sprint. We are told in scripture not to compare ourselves one to another. So, I would encourage you to pray and establish short term goals for your family so that when you feel the need to compare yourself it will be with the vision God has given you and not someone else.

Your family may never make it to the cover of a homeschool magazine but you will have the joy of walking faithfully with the Lord and content that your are doing the unique work HE has called you to do. And in the end you will one day hear these words, "well done my good and faithful servant enter now into the joy of my rest".

Grace and Peace,

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