Saturday, January 22, 2005

Getting back to the grind

As I try to keep up with my home, the children, and life in general I realize that there are never enough minutes to get work done. Oh, what to do? Life is so full of the unexpected and then there is my own impulsive nature. I wake up with the best of intentions to get things going but then a snow storm hits and out the kiddies go to shovel the snow for the neighbors. A good deed done and a chance to earn a few dollars but oh what about those plans. Layed aside once again. Sigh!

As I begin my 16th year of parenting and almost as many years of homeschooling I have learned to expect the unexpected and go with the flow a bit more than in the early years. That helps with the central theme of our home life which is to "love the Lord our God and Serve others". God moves in unexpected ways and so must I.

The anxiety and insecurity now that's another matter. Most people I encounter would not think me insecure and in my heart I am not really but catch me at the wrong moment (usually after meeting a Latin speaking two year old) and I begin to question everything I am doing. But God quickly moves back in to help me see that I am raising my children on HIS timetable and not my own.

So as a ponder this year and how many more God allows for me I know that I must continually "keep my eyes on HIM" for when my eyes begin to wander so too my heart.

As for the work, I best get back to it atleast until the snow plows clear the roads and we can go sledding!

Grace and Peace,

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