Saturday, January 22, 2005

Could this happen here?

Yes, I know that this is Germany but this could happen here too if homeschoolers don't stay on top of things. For those unaware, our educational system is slowly creeping in a very socialist direction. National testing, job readiness, and career planning are all patterned after the German system. The liberal "touchy feely" stuff too! While I do support most of President Bush's agenda I am not a big fan of No Child Left Behind because in the end it will leave the homeschooler behind. This is not the paranoid rhetoric of a fanatic but the documented words of many in the educational establishment. Don't take my word for it read here.


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Suzy said...

How will No Child Left Behind put out homeschoolers? In many ways, they will have the advantage because they will not be limited to the hoops that public teachers must go through. I have been taught by many great public high school teachers who have only been harnessed by the new, flawed regulations, but, I would think homeschooled children would be removed from this.

Also, just wondering what you mean by "liberal 'touchy feely' stuff"?