Monday, January 24, 2005

The ART of Homeschooling (Introduction)

Early on in my homeschooling journey I began to ask God for a vision that would keep me going when the trials came. I did not want to abandon the call God had given me to homeschool when times got tough and I knew that only a divine purpose from God could sustain me for the long haul. When we seek the Lord, HE does not disappoint us. He gave me a purpose in the form of an acronym ART.

A is for Attitude, R is for Relationships, and T is for teaching and training; thus the ART of Homeschooling was drafted. That is the way I am to structure and prioritize my life. In the coming days I will go into these three parts.

It was very tempting when I first began to homeschool to think about curriculum. After all wasn't that what homeschooling was about? Quickly, I learned however that even the best curriculum cannot be taught when my attitude is wrong or when there are conflicts in the home. To put Teaching before Attitude or Relationships would be to create TAR a stickly mess that would not be easy to work with.

If I put the Relationships before Attitudes, and Teaching I would ended up with self-centered little RAT's. I realized everything was not to be centered around the children, or their "fun". I wanted a home centered on Christ and that meant one way. ART.

With the priorities in that order, my days and life will be ordered in such as way as to glorify the Lord and put first things first. This vision has sustained me the last 10 or so years and I hope to continue on as long as God allows.

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Anne said...

Great post, Karen! I needed this reminder today!